Attention to Flights, Parking, Loading and Unloading of Aircraft, Marshaling, Towing, Drainage service, Water service, Line haul, Presentation of personnel cabin, presentation of warehouses and passenger cabin.

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Special Cargo Handling with highly trained cargo handling personnel. We attend your requests Special cargo, Live Animals, Dangerous Goods, Perishablesand all Air Cargo handling.

We carry out the palletizing and accommodation of the cargo for the different cargo and passenger planes, to preserve the cargo in the conditions that customers expect.

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Attention of crews, Flight Plan, Meteorology, Pre-Flight, breafing, Migration Coordination, move and Coordination of Hotels.

Coordination with Authorities, Police, Migration, Phytosanitary Authority, Airport Authorities, Aerocivil, Airport Concessionaires.

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Handling And Transfer of Loads between warehouses and planes and between planes and warehouses, equally handling of cargo and mail between the different warehouses of the Airport.

Aircraft Transfer Between the different points of the Airport, with different equipment with capacities for wide and narrow cabin aircraft.

Dispatch With Authorized Personnel and experience in the elaboration of Weight and Balance, Flight Plan, Weather Folder, Weight and remote balance, messages, breafing with the crews and the general coordination of the dispatch.


Av El Dorado No 106 – 81 ofc 205, Terminal de Carga 3, Aeropuerto El Dorado de Bogotá.

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